Chris Myers Animation Scalene Tribesman

Title: Scalene Tribesman

Project completed with Michael Rensing for a CG Talk contest.
Image © Chris Myers, Mike Rensing
Concept / story / game play © Chris Myers

The Scalene Tribesman ©

Scalene= Having sides and angles unequal-of a triangle.
Tribesman= A member of a tribe.
Tribe= A social group comprising of families, clans, or generations.
Gremlin= 1.An imaginary gnomelike creature to whom mechanical problems, especially in aircraft, are
attributed 2.A maker of mischief.

You have wondered about the Bermuda Triangle. Yes everyone has. It is the greatest modern mystery of our
“understood” world. It is a region of the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda, Miami, Florida, and San Juan,
Puerto Rico. Here disappearances of ships and planes not only continue but continue to defy explanation.

Your name is Cashin Stafford and you are following your fathers footsteps working with a crew of eight on an
oil tanker. You have been working on tankers for 8 of the 24 years of your life and are very comfortable on the
sea. Once you heard about this destination though you were immediately a child again. Hearing the stories
your father had told you. This destination was Lajes in Axores. Leaving from the east cost of the united states
you realized you would be traveling through the Bermuda Triangle.
The voyage was off to a great start and phrases like “sailor tales” started to go through your head. Perhaps your
father was just telling old stories of the sea to get you to sleep. That is when you realized your compass was
spinning in circles so fast the needle was a blur. Blue lightning was tearing though the sky and what looked
like an old World War Two plane was flying over head. It was not just an old plane though. It had all kinds of
miscellaneous pieces attached to it. Like someone had taken pieces from all kinds of planes over the last sixty
years and made them into a single aircraft. The tanker started to spin! You started getting dizzy and as you
looked at your compass you wondered “are we slowing down or am I spinning so fast I am catching up with
the compass”. When you wake you realize you laying under debris on the deck of the tanker. You can only
see a little light in front of you. Almost pinned you start to crawl toward the light. Then you hear voices. You
have never heard voices like these before. “Salvage everything!” something screams. Are these people the
mystery of the Bermuda Triangle?

Game Play
You are stranded on a mysterious island in the Bermuda Triangle. A tribe of gremlins have been here for
longer then you can tell. Pirate ships are one hint they have been the answer to all the disappearances over
the centuries. Your mission is to first get off the boat with out being captured or killed. The gremlins have been
building new types of armor with vehicles, mechas and weapons out of the scraps for long enough to master a
new trait of scavenging. Their resourcefulness is amazing. You have to find scraps to build your own mecha or
vehicle to fight them with. Start out small sneaking around until you feel you have enough power to take a
gremlin on head to head. Depending on what part of the island you travel will determine what you will find. You
also need to find gremlin manuals on their technological breakthroughs of patchwork technology to combine
some items. Each time you play you can build a different mecha. Some pieces are more compatible then others.
You will build your way up to a powerful mecha or vehicle by defeating small tribes. Each time seeing what you
can add to your own arsenal. What can I do with this motorcycle engine and a mortar? Finally working your way
up to the main gremlin base. The secret to the Bermuda Triangle! What was the blue lightning from? Will their be
something large enough in the base to get you off this island?