Chris Myers Character Animator Solomon Grundy

Title: Solomon Grundy

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Full Credit List:
Development: Ken Seward and Chris Myers
Research: Natalie Moore
Producer: Natalie Moore
Art/Concept Director: Ken Seward
Texturing Director: Joshua Muntain
Animation Director: Chris Myers
Lighting Director: Jen-Feng Tsai
Pipeline Manager: Suresh Narayanasami
Lead Rigger - Craig Dunn

Solomon Grundy is a nursery rhyme from the late 1700’s that was first published in 1845 in “Nursery
Rhymes of England.” The titular character is confronted by the swirling chaos and fleeting nature of life,
marked by a series of basic milestone rituals and ceremonies and ending as abruptly as it begins. The
aesthetic is based on Victorian theatre and clockwork stage plays, which serve to reinforce the life as
stage metaphor.